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Indian Wedding Planning Tips

If you are at the beginning stage of planning a wedding, you will surely require a direction. We know that there are zillions of things you would need to do in coming months, but from where to start or how to organize the gigantic list of tasks is a big deal. Below are some useful Indian wedding planning tips which will help you not just to get started, but also along the way of planning your wedding. These tips are a result of filtering out the most useful experiences of many people who have been through it.

Move after you plan

It might sound very tempting to get started as soon as the wedding is fixed. But the logical approach says that you need to plan out before you actually start working. If you start all the tasks without planning in advance, you will realise that the undone stuff will bother you from multiple sides and you will end up being blocked. Listing out the things and making a checklist is very important. After that, discussion with your family and partner about the broader details should be done to make sure that you all agree to the same point. This is like defining what is required and getting everyone at the same agreement.

Go one by one

Doing everything at once will not help. It will lead to unfinished tasks and you will not be able to pay attention to any of them in a proper way. We know that mostly, the time is less and the number of tasks are more. But then multi-tasking can also be done carefully. You can also take up a set of related or dependent tasks to finish them sequentially.

The more you share, the more confused you will be

There are no limits to free advices and opinions from all sorts of people who you will meet during the course of planning. The list of your Indian wedding planning tips will keep on growing. It would be better if you listen to your own heart and avoid getting confused. Most importantly, find solace in what you do and don’t try to grab the best, because the search for the best will never end as everyone has their own definition of the “best”. Make your definition and stand with it.

Make space for family’s ideas

No matter how many things you decide for your wedding, your family will also have some dreams about it. When they share their ideas, don’t be reluctant. Compromise or negotiate, but make some space for them to fulfil their dreams about your wedding. This is one of the most practical of all Indian wedding planning tips.

Measure the balance

When it comes to saving money, you will be tempted to save it wherever possible. In situations of any confusions, you should measure the effects of saving money and how much money you are saving. Is it worth saving few thousand bucks for something very important or noticeable?

Midway crisis

No matter how much you plan and go as per it, there will be a time in between where you will face real anxiety. In such times, just try to be calm, see the bigger picture and believe that everything will be pass by anyway.

Let the guests have fun

We know that your wedding is the most important day of your life. But your guests will come to the event to have a good time and if you make them a part of your family emotions, speeches and dances, they might not get the time they would expect. So keep it short and simple so that they can enjoy eating, drinking and dancing. As a matter of fact, not everyone is as close as immediate family.

Hire a wedding planner

If this list of Indian wedding planning tips is making you feel overwhelmed, then you should hire a wedding planner who will take most of the headaches from you and manage everything on their own. This is because they know their job and have the experience to manage it all. They will ensure that everything goes smoothly from starting of the planning till the starting of your new life.


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