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Indian Wedding Planning Checklist

As soon as a wedding is finalised, the list of things to do starts building up in the mind of the groom, bride and their families. Every person involved in the wedding will start making their own list. For the families of Bride and Groom's family, following checklist will be helpful. It is assumed that the engagement will be done earlier after the wedding is fixed but wedding date will be much later than that. 

The checklist for the initial tasks is as follows:

1. Choosing the date
First and foremost, you need to select the date of the auspicious day. Choosing a weekend will be good for your guests. Also, seasons will also play a role in your decision. Monsoon might be a bit problematic, summers will be difficult if the venue is outdoors. Few months of the year are ideal for the wedding.

2. Budget calculation:
A rough estimate of the budget needs to be calculated which will form a baseline for the other activities. It will also help you to arrange for the funds and see from where you are going to procure it.

3. Deciding the events to be done:
The events that needs to be conducted should be thought about. It depends on families of both sides as well. People generally follow the traditional system of Mehandi, Sangeet (sometimes accompanied with cocktail party), Engagement and wedding.

4. Look for a wedding planner:
This is the right time to look for a wedding planner since you must have set the base for them to work on. Hiring a wedding planner at this time will also help you to set the right focus and keep everything on track.

5. Venue selection:
This step might coincide with the first step. You need to select multiple dates because it is not always necessary that you will get your favourite venue on the selected date. 

The next phase of checklist is as follows:
1. Choose a wedding theme:
The trend of theme weddings is getting quite popular, specially for events like Sangeet and Mehandi. Some people even just follow color theme instead of a specific theme. 

2. Wedding invitations:
The wedding invitations should be printed and sent out so that your guests can be prepared. There are various innovative ideas which people are using, for example sending out fridge magnets or print pictures in different forms.

3. Manage catering:
Food is one of the important aspects of a wedding. The caterers should be selected very carefully. Most caterers would allow you to taste the food before finalising them. You also need to decide whether you want typical Indian cuisine or a mix of Indian, Chinese and continental.

4. Lookout for decorators:
You need a decorator to manage all the flower arrangements, balloons etc. to decorate the venue, your home and furniture etc. Make sure you look at their previous work so that you can get a fair idea of what to expect in case you finally book them.

5. Videographers and photographers:
All the efforts of selecting everything wisely will be only temporarily useful if the photographer and videographers are not good. To keep the nice memories safe, you need pieces of good work. It is not just the quality of pictures and video that they make and edit, but also the way they present them in the form of prints and videos. Though there are lots of photographers available as the fever of photography has risen recently, but the good quality ones can be a bit hard to find since they might already be booked. Look out for their portfolio and you can also go by recommendations.

6.Make a checklist of all rentals that you need for various events and then contact the vendors for the same. This includes all transportation costs as well.

7.When date and venue is finalised, book for a priest who will carry out all the ceremonies. They will provide their own checklist for which you will need to collect the material.

8.Book a makeup artist.

9.Shop for wedding Lehanga/Saree, jewellery and all other outfits- this will be a time consuming task, so spare enough time for this.

10.Don’t forget to plan the honeymoon.

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